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Crop 9 guarantees to bring you the very herbs, spices and fruits with their authentic smell, taste and aroma from the Garden of Spices grown in God’s own country.Kerala which as history informs us drew seafarers from across the world who put their lives in peril, battled pirates, faced storms and survived and sometimes perished in ship wrecks while crossing the seven seas.
Packed in aesthetically designed packets and bottles Kerala’s very own products are marketed under the brand name of Crop 9 Gino Joseph who is a marketing veteran and a native of Kerala.

Our products
Spices Qulity

Natural Spices

25 major types of spices which are using to cook, you will find everything you are looking for as the taste maker.

Welcome to Crop9. Our products are freshly harvested, washed ready for box and finally delivered from our family farm right to your doorstep.

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